Building Brighter Days for our Youth
Mission Statement & Objectives
* Build Self-Esteem and Promote Self Improvement
* Promote Academic Excellence
* Increase Cultural Awareness
* Inspire Public Service
* Assist in Community Upliftment
* Build a Drug-free, Peaceful Community
* Encourage Political Involvement

Everyone knows that the summer is a time for having fun. However, it is also a great opportunity for students to get ahead academically. With that in mind, we have developed and implemented our SMART Camp since 2005 that focuses on areas of Science, Math, Art, Reading, and Technology. Our curriculum blends fun with a non-traditional methods of learning to help combat the "learning loss" that occurs during the summer months.

Generation YES began in 1996 with the help of a small group of volunteers combined with the Youth Against Drugs. The community organization began offering support to youth that were at risk for drug involvement and school dropout. The group is formed and maintained by volunteer advisory teams and led by volunteer youth leaders.

Later in 1996, the organization was changed from a recreational into a prevention and support organization. The impetus for the decision came from parents and volunteers who felt the target group created confusion with the traditional recreational programs and stood in the way of many youth seeking help they needed to deal with drug problems and educational issues. In January 1999, the Generation YES opened its doors to new educational programs. The Generation YES is launching a new program called "Prepare To Learn, Learn To Prepare". This program will prepare students for success by improving educational advancement and developing the potential of youth as citizens and leaders.

Our focus is on the bigger picture which involves family and parenting issues, community support and the overall personal growth of participants.

The mission includes promoting educational advancement by providing a positive outlook in the community, building the self-esteem of the youth, and providing the skills needed to lead productive and successful lives. In keeping with this mission, the Generation YES plans to:

-- Provide free services that help the youth develop new skills to enhance educational abilities and build self-esteem.
-- Provide programming for youth participants designed to help them develop appropriate social skills.
-- Conduct public education and community-building activities to create public support for drug prevention programs.
-- Conduct parent-child activities to reinforce prevention goals.

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Generation Y.E.S. obtained its 501(c)(3) status in 2000. We are recognized by the IRS as an official "Nonprofit Corporation". We are now classified as a foundation that allows individuals and businesses and organizations to donate gifts, money, or land to a district with 501(c)3 status and receive a tax benefit.